Fred Vogels

Componist-directeur-musicus-webmaster-happy husband
fred vogels

I am not a super CEO, I am not Hans Zimmer, Tim Cook or JS Bach but I have written music you will love (you will absolutely find something when you have more than 24 hours time to listen to all my music).

I look back to what I have created for many people, films, and my website Back to Normandy. But also (co)founder of all kinds of cultural organizations. Creations as an example for me and perhaps your goal. 

My character: I am simple and direct. But I am not simple and direct with people with their values and interests or ignore mine. 

I love people, I love music, I am aware of history, I love to create. I organize, I have created organizations. My mind will be busy for you when we work together!

I have a lot of skills according to the testimonials of other people: See  

I love people, I do like to give my skills and endorsements to music, to organizations, to humanity. Listen to my music, read my life. 

Be prepared when we work together, you will have an exciting period. You will not be disappointed..,,but I am not common, I don’t have a standard CV! My problem and my luck!

Perhaps I am your mirror you (don't) want to see. Perhaps I am your solution

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